Islamic Architecture
Contemporary Islamic house
I am an Italian architect and I need to find examples of private residences for hot and humid regions such as the countries facing the Arabic Gulf.

What are the most interesting examples of private residences built in the last 20/30 years that could exemplify to the theme of the contemporary Islamic house?
Michele Reboli
Contemporary Islamic house
The debate over what constitutes an 'Islamic house' is wide ranging. However as a starting point you may want to look up the works of such architects as Rami El-Dahan and Abdel-Wahed El-Wakil, two disciples of Hassan Fathy (who you also want to consult if you are not familiar with his work).

Rasem Badran and Abdelhalim Ibrahim are two more architects (and at times collaborators) whose buildings tend to evoke a more contemporary reading of Islamic architecture. All of the previous have built houses at various locations within the Middle east/ Arabian Gulf etc.

Good luck.
Ahmed El Husseiny
Contemporary Islamic house
Take a look at the folowing houses. These are personal attempts by a young Egyptian architect (myself). Some were partially built, some altered by the client and others were limited to tracing paper. Your critique would be appreciated. I would be glad to answer any questions you might have.
Yasser Nabil
Contemporary Islamic house
Dear Michele Reboli....Hi
I'm an Iranian Architecture and I think that I can help you in the field that you are interested in. But as far as I know there is no sea named Arabic Gulf, but the name of the sea you are talking about , has been Persian Gulf worldwide for a long time.
Hamid Reza Sabbaghi
Contemporary Islamic house
plz take a look at ARCHNET digital library ---> cotemperory architecture---> iran

or have a cantact via Mr. Sepehr Motaghed - - and tell him about what u want ... be succeed
Hamid Reza Sabbaghi


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