Islamic Architecture
how to study a building
Hello, I am a teacher of Secondary students. I want to help my students to learn how and why to study a building or an architecture of Muslim Societies.
Can anyone please share the basic parameters to study any building.
Many Thanks and Greetings.
Malaik Sultana
how to study a building
Malaik, any building (apart from the ultra-modern buildings which appear to have been dropped by UFOs), can be understood as a complex and often complicated system of overlays which are the parameters for any design.

And these overlays can be: vernacular, aesthetic, spiritual, intellectual, theoretical, cultural, traditional, historical, social, psychological, topographical, environmental, physiological, morphological, structural, practical, etc.

Furthermore, there is the often forgotten difference in viewpoint between urban areas and rural areas, because the rules that apply in urban areas do not automatically apply in rural areas, and vice versa.
Frank John Snelling


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