Islamic Architecture
Mashrabiya revival
What is it about Mashrabiya (the Islamic window lattice screen) that provokes architect and designers to re interpret its design?
whether in Architecture as can be seen in Albahar tawers:
or even furniture
Nehal Almerbati
Mashrabiya revival
Nehal, Mashrabiya and other lattice designs most probably appeal to the senses because lattice is what I call "openwork" design, where the lattice acts as an overlay and yet does not detract from the view beyond.

As an aesthetic phenomena, I noticed this particularly with both garden shrubs growing through a hole in a brick wall to the outside, and garden shrubs growing through thin metal railings. :)))
Frank John Snelling
Mashrabiya revival
Nehal, further to my post above, the whole essence of any lattice design (and I have a fascinating book on traditional Chinese lattice), is that there is always a partial obscuring or opaquing of the view beyond which gives a spicy element of mystery to an otherwise mundane scene.

Consider the difference between a glass wall which reveals everything and a glass wall with a veil of mashrabiya. Which is the more interesting? The glass wall which leaves nothing to the imagination? or The glass wall tantalisingly showing a semi-seen scene behind a veil of mashrabiya?
Frank John Snelling


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