Islamic Architecture
what is a zawiyah?
what exactly is a zawiyah? what are the design requirements of a zawiyah? is there any zawiyah in India as i would like to study it...any literature on the designing/planning of the zawiya would be helpful.
Mishgan Syed
what is a zawiyah?
As much as I know and gathered from reading news about Sufism in the last few years, it is a Sufi lodge. Otherwise it is a madrassa, and sometimes the two overlaps. I find the Wikipedia about it good:
Marina M. Montanaro
what is a zawiyah?
Zawiyah was a small room, usually attached to a Mosque, where religious teachings were imparted to students. This is a very early concept in sufism, when glorification of holy tombs was not practiced. It doesn't mean a lodge, as stated, "Dargah" means a lodge. "Dar" means house, "Gah" means time "dargah" "house at the time". You might as well read: Maylyuda Yusupova, Evolution of architecture of the Sufi complexes in Bukhara, Bukhara: The Myth and the Architecture. Attilio Petruccioli (ed). Cambridge, Massachusetts: The Aga Khan Program for Islamic Architecture, for a beter understanding of the subject.
Debasish Borah
what is a zawiyah?
İn early days of Ottoman Architecture building named like zawijah was very important for sacral and secular atmosphere of place or city. İt is building where peoples can prayer in one room, even when in other room someone is sleeping, studying or do other social gathering. That is multifunctional building with few rooms placed in general, symmetrically. Rooms are used for: prayer, social gatherings, sleeping (just for 3 day), meeting place for trading or other jobs, for studying etc. Strengthening of the Ottoman Beylik into Empire, economy was stronger and this is reflected more on the architecture. Now begin construction of the complexes. The buildings in the complex shared by function, and transformed into independent buildings: a mosque (for the prayer), taphane for meetings and sleeping, imaret or kitchen for eating, madrasa for learning, darülşifa or hospital etc.
Amila Becirovic


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