Islamic Architecture
Mosque of Cordoba

I'm making a study on the Great Mosque of Cordoba. I realise there are a couple of posts on this topic already that contain links to useful information; I've never studied Islamic atrchitecture before so these have been incredibly helpful (thanks to everyone who responded to those topics)! :)

I am now specfically looking for sources of measured drawings of the building. There are CAD plans on ArchNet that are very helpful, but I'm struggling a little to find any really good sectional drawings online (in any format). Does anybody have any pointers as to where I could find these? I am intending to make my own set of drawings as part of the study.

Andrew Ng
Mosque of Cordoba
Andrew, Both the Spanish Tourist Board and the national body for Spanish architects may be able to help.

I visited Cordoba in the early 1980s and took several photographs of the interior which shows an amazing space frame structure of columns and flying arches upon which sit yet more flying arches set at 90 degrees.
Frank John Snelling
Mosque of Cordoba
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Karamat Subhani


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