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Traditional Islamic Architects Today
Can anybody help me with contact references to contemporary Traditional and Classical architects in Islamic architecture and urbanism? Thanks a lot
Lucien Steil
Traditional Islamic Architects Today
Lucien, thanks for asking this question. Myself,I was looking for such repertoire especially for contemporary architects. The most famous ones are: Rasem Badran, Rifaat Chaderji, Mohamad Makkiya, Hassan Fathi of course, but there are many others we need to search about them. I'll come back and give you other names. Any help is welcomed from other folks!
Naima Benkari
Traditional Islamic Architects Today

I want to add one more name, Abdel Waheed El Wakeel. He is also a traditionalist.
Asif Ali
Traditional Islamic Architects Today
Salam, thanks a lot for the names..I know Abdel Wahed El Wakil and of course the great Hassan Fathy, but where can I find the contact details for the others? I need to write to them to gather material for a Rizzoli publication! Thanks again. I wish you a wonderful day, Lucien
Lucien Steil


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