Islamic Architecture
Islamic Spiritual Influences on Housing Selection
I'm now working on a research called "Islamic Spiritual Influences on Housing Selection" .

Do drop your great idea about the topic. I need a lil help from the expert. Just need to know what is actually the types of the influences? and why actually people need to select a house that based on the Islamic spiritual influence especially the Muslims.
Thank you for your time, Umran Suffian
Umran Suffian Husin
Islamic Spiritual Influences on Housing Selection

My views are limited to Indian Muslims only. Here people prefer a house which is closer to a mosque so that they can walk across easily for their daily prayers. The other factor that they consider is that the visitor to their must face the Qiblah while entering.
Mansoor Ali
Islamic Spiritual Influences on Housing Selection
Thank you Mansoor,

Thats cool. Great idea! still welcome any brilliant idea from u and others! thank you so much.
Umran Suffian Husin


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