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hello trying to design an islamic center which has a theme to foster interaction and a sense of community,accommodating members of other faiths too. what are the main factors that need to be considered here? is a dome an islamic religious identity?

are there any issues on aesthetics that touches on islamic centers concerning on the design creteria while looking at the islam architecture? are islamic centers run by women only? can islamic centers be used to reach non muslims in the society or it deals with islamic community only? why is extravagance highly forbidden in islam? on spatial organisation,what are the most important aspects in design of islamic centers?
Julianne Kinyingi
Islamic Centers
A dome has not always been integral to Islamic architecture just as minarets were also not in original mosques and such. That being said, the open space and volume a dome creates, helping the occupant maintain perspective, is not a bad thing.

For a centre to foster interaction, the centre would need to have been inspired by traditional elements, but also that lives within modernity. It would probably need multi-use spaces including for exhibitions or performances, including by non-Muslim interfaith groups - IE a civil society space / enabler. I would also encourage the use of gardens and nature, perhaps both inside and outside. Just some initial thoughts. Others will be more versed in these things. Curious to hear from the experts!
Al-Karim Walli
Islamic Centers
Julianne... My topic for thesis is elevating mosques from solely a place of worship to a community space; redefining mosques as multifunctional spaces. As I'm working on the design program now,I would like to know what are the requirements you considered for the islamic centre. thank you!
Shahar Banu
Islamic Centers
hi shar Banu,will be communicating about the spaces soon.could i reach you through my email,
Julianne Kinyingi


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