Islamic Architecture
International Madrasah in Abu Dhabi

I'm a student from Cal Poly Pomona in California, USA and for my undergraduate thesis in architecture I will be proposing an International Madrasah in Abu Dhabi. I wanted to mention that I've been doing research on Islam and traditional Islamic architecture over the past 5 months and I appreciate this website and all the sources that you have garnered.

I made a point of my thesis that the school must combat the rapid Westernization/modernization in Abu Dhabi and stand for contextual Islamic design. My proposal seeks to carefully and accurately blend Eastern and Western mentality.

The site I've chosen is in Baniyas, Abu Dhabi because it has been known as an area rich with culture. However, the new development Bawabat Al Sharq is HIGHLY Westernized and I am struggling to communicate the interaction between the International Madrasah and its surrounding site.

Make no mistake, I am glad I've chosen this site because of its proximity to the Westernization issue, but the immediate connections to a new supermall, villas, and a sports arena are problematic.

Any advice on this topic will be greatly appreciated. I am still in the planning and programming phase and will begin designing in a few weeks.

Thanks again.
Greg Sagherian
International Madrasah in Abu Dhabi
Dear Greg Sagherian
I don't know how to recognize a building westernized or modern? You mean, the technology which they are imporing from west, and according to me if this technology is appropriate should be adopted.
Asif Ali


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