Islamic Architecture
we planing to build a Hamam in Vienna and we need first basic constructions Idears and term for this project. If any one can be helpfull we be verry happy, thanks, Max
Maximilian Franz Gattringer
Dear Maximilian, Given that Roman [steam] Baths (Calderium, Tepidarium, etc) were built all over the Roman Empire including the countries all around the Mediterranean Sea. Then this format was used for the Hamam (aka Turkish Bath), although I imagine that one key Islamic difference is the separation of male and female.

As a matter of interest, is this Hamam specifically for use by Moslems? or rather a European interpretation for use by all? I ask because there is wonderful "Art Nouveau" Turkish Baths in Budapest, built when Budapest was part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire.
Frank John Snelling
Hi Maximilian,

You can have a look on this link:
Its about an european project dealing with hammams in the mediterranean area (6 sites), the project is entitled: HAMMAM: Hammam, Aspects and Multidisciplinary Methods of Analysis for Mediterranean region

As you are frome Vienna, you should know that the Vienna Institute for Urban Sustainability is the scientific responsible of this project: it can be helpful for you

Good luck
Ouafa Saighi


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