Islamic Architecture
Gujarati mosques
I am interested to know the state of Islamic buildings in Gujarat, particularly Ahmedabad. I worked as an architect there in the 1960s and took systematic photos of many of the neglected mosques. I have now published them on my workspace on Archnet and would like to hear from anyone with related information or more recent pictures showing the state of these buildings. I hope they have not been damaged through racial tension or earthquake and that they are being properly preserved.
Rob Howard
Gujarati mosques
Mr. Howard,
I am delighted to see that you are so interested in Gujarat mosques. I am actually planning to write my dissertation for the masters program on Gujarat mosques. I have not done any research yet. Actually my first step was to open an account here and interact with people who are interested in this topic. I recently went to Jami Mosque in Champaner and I have few picture of that mosque. I am a horrible photographer, but I will still share them with you and neglect the embarrassment !
I will be having a lot more college trips to historical places in Gujarat. I shall update you if I come across more mosques :)
I would be glad if you can also help me with the development of my thesis. I am new to this topic and would appreciate any help from you.

Shivani Gandhi
Shivani Gandhi


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