Islamic Architecture
Music and Architecture in Islam

I'm a professor of ethnomusicology at the University of Alberta (Canada), organizing a research project focussed on Music and Architecture in Islam.

This research sets out to explore the multiple relations of music and architecture as socially lived and experienced in contemporary Islamic culture, focussing on religious ritual, and aiming to produce traditional scholarly outputs (articles and books), as well as a series of documentary films, and a website devoted to this topic.

In our research, we propose to take up three main themes: 1) the relationship between cultural meanings encoded�sonically�in music, and cultural meanings encoded�visually and spatially�in architecture; 2) the impact of architecturally-framed space on communicative interactions of participants engaged in musical and ritual performance; 3) the politics of socio-architectural landscapes, situating the music-architecture nexus in a broader socio-political and economic context.

At the moment, we're interested in linking to possible research collaborators, particularly in Canada, but also elsewhere in the world.

If you're working in this area, I would appreciate hearing from you and about your work, on this forum, or via email.

Dr Michael Frishkopf
michaelf AT
Michael Frishkopf
Music and Architecture in Islam
truly im specialized in islamic architecture couple years ago..heard more than once about the relationship between music and islamic architecture..and somebodies linked this relation with the concept of harmony of architectural minarets and so on.

but till this moment, i confess that i cannot realize the realtion between music and architecture as this relation is a somewhat metaphysical one ?, or we can touch it ?....excuse me im not good in music or such sensational aspects..

hence, im asking u for answering my questions, maybe i can ,after comprehending that relation, help u in ur thesis as far as i can do.

your brother, Walid Akef
Waleed Akef
Music and Architecture in Islam
Hello �
I don't know if you ever heard about Bayazid kulliye in Edirne, Turkey. It was built by the Ottomans and this is where muslim first introduced hydrotherapy and music al treatments as a medical cure for mentally ill people.
You can find here a couple of pictures of this religious foundation.

I see that you are looking for something contemporary. My first idea, when you say architecture and music, I visualize the mosque and the Qur'an (our holy book) reading. There is a peculiar way to read Qur'an. Now that we are in Ramadan we have a special prayer by night, have a look

Second I think about Sufi, you may find someone there in Canada who can help you. When they retreat and do dhikr (remember Allah) you can find also music. Here is some naqshbandi dhikr,
In Germany this year they did a sufi sound festival�here some info

Another thing which comes to my mind is underground Islamic rap. It's a new music wave which is taking place mostly in UK and USA. The architecture here plays a smaller role when the artistic expression is in halls or cultural meeting area.
But more powerful when on streets,
also because meaningful rap is helping youth to come out from the gang groups
Last link for now�

I hope my comment will be useful.
Take care
Alia Himmat
Music and Architecture in Islam
awesome....really terrific Alia
Waleed Akef
Music and Architecture in Islam
Alia Himmat
Music and Architecture in Islam

first, there are many important issues that Islam talked in about sound and its systems, but, officially Islam do not support clearly what we called now �Music� for the most part.So, you can search about Music in Spin in during the Islamic period, but still it was in we called Islamic period but it was not related to the Islam as religion.

second, there is no clear what you called �Architecture in Islam or Islamic Architecture�, and as a religion does not give architectural rules or patterns to form "Islamic Architecture", But Islam gives social regulate mechanisms, which we then organized our spaces accordingly to achieve the mental comfortable environment. Some of these thoughts attitudes which is work as organize for our spaces are Gathering and privacy, which i started working on now.
Hadi Shateh
Music and Architecture in Islam
Wouldn't music and space interrelate through the progresion (mathematical and physical) existing on the intervals in poetry? They interrelate in caligraphy, inscriptions and the Fibonacci series (which, of course, existed berfore). Space is geometricaly divided, hence you can generate the numerus aureus by geometry alone, and this, at the sam time, would be in relation with other modulations with visual "silences", as in music you have "sound" silences. Does this ring a bell?
Juan Zozaya
Music and Architecture in Islam
Juan, I assume "numerus aureus" is Latin for "Golden Number"? In passing, for anyone interested in music in the ancient world, the roman architect Vitruvius wrote his "Ten books of Architecture" (Dover Pubs reprint) and covered the design of amphitheatres, etc.
Frank John Snelling
Music and Architecture in Islam
Historical samples: See e.g.: Ali Qapu, Isfahan, Iran; but also Chehel Sutun and Hasht Behesht, Isfahan.
Ben Huser
Music and Architecture in Islam
Did someone made a study of Prohet Mohammed's house in Makkah and in Madina.?
Althaf Abdul Hameed


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