Islamic Architecture
Hallo to Everybody.

I'm a Spanish arquitect, living in Menorca (a small island in the Balearics).
I have to design the Mosque and Islamic Center for the Islamic Comunity here (+/- 2.750 m2).
I'm very proud about it, and it represents a extraordinay, interesting and beautiful challenge for me.
I've got a lot of information about Mosques, their functions, spaces and symbolisms from ArchNet and its Discussions Forums and other Web pages, but I'm specially interested by Mosques and Islamic Centers in non islamic countries, and by Mosques on modern architecture. Sometimes it's really dificult to find examples, also because mothern buildings are quite huge and on other scale -for big cities and not for 30.000 inhabitants, 1.000 users).
I would like to get examples of medium scale projects/buildings. What is the progam's building and how they got the balance between West architecture and Islamic spirit.
Even, in two weeks I'll travel to Tunisia. I would like to visit the Architecture Faculty. I've got two diferent adresses for it and I don't know which one is the correct one. Somebody could informe me about it? Some one knows about a Bookshop there -on the city or on the School- where to find or buy books about Islamic Architecture and Mosques Design?

This is my e-mail ( for these who want to contact directly.

Thank you very much, and please excuse my poor English.
Toni Garcia Romero
I sent you a mail. Thanks
Emir Polat


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