Islamic Architecture
Islamic Architecture before Ummayyad dynasty
I want to know about the building details which were built before ummayyad dynasty in Isamic world.
Asif Ali
Islamic Architecture before Ummayyad dynasty
Aslamo alkum,

There wasn�t much architecture before Ummayd dynasty as at the time of Prophet(pbuh) and the 4 Rightly Guided Chaliphs building monuments was seen contradictory to Qur'anc teaching. Only significant development which took place was the Prophets mosque in Medina. even this was (Masjid-al-Nab�vi)was a simple mud construction consisted of a square courtyard with two rooms in south east, later increased to nine, for housing of the Prophet (pbuh) family. For the comfort of the worshipers a portico (zulla) and for the visitors a shed roof (suffa) made of palm trees and leaves was built on the north side of the courtyard. Congregational prayers were held in the court yard and zulla served as a place of deliberation on community affairs.
After the fall of Mecca the Ka�ba (masjid al-haram), Prophet (pbuh) built a simple building for congregational prayers; due to increasingly large number of pilgrims attend for hajj. Caliphate Omar Ibn al-Khattab (634-644) demolished the simple building and rebuilt a wall round the Ka�ba to form an outdoor area for prayers. Caliph Uthman�s (644-655) enlarged the prayer area and covered it by a simple roof supported by wooden columns.

The Dome of the rock and along with it the Masjid Al Aqsa (the third holiest place in Islam) has a great significance to Muslims. Prophets (pbuh) ascended to heavens from here on miraj, a journey to heavens. A simple building was erected during Umar�s Caliphate. Ummayad Caliph Abd al-Malik ibn Marwan (685-705) initiated redevelopment of Masjid Al Aqsa, which is a great temple area in Jerusalem, where the temple of King Solomon.

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m mtr
Islamic Architecture before Ummayyad dynasty
Dear m mtr thanks for providing such a nice information in a very concised way.
I have one more question, The Architecture of late Ummayyad Dynasty shows that some palaces sculpture, idols and pictures of animals were used for decoration. Was Islamic culture in that period so much diverted from the basic concept of Islam? Even in Indo Islamic period after a long time of prophet(SAW) they use only geometrical and floral pattern in their buildings for decoration.
Asif Ali
Islamic Architecture before Ummayyad dynasty
I think its about the digestion feature of Islam. Islam gives some basic points and the culture of these countries join these basic point.
Emir Polat


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