Islamic Architecture
symbolism in Islamic Architecture
I am a post graduate architecture student presently doing a research on symbolism in Islamic architecture.For this study I need to do 6 case studies of contemporary mosques in either UAE or Doha Qatar.
Chamila Welagedara
symbolism in Islamic Architecture
Peace upon u,

Hii Welagedara, although i do not accept that there is symbolism in the islamic architecture, but i can tell u about some reference u may make use of.

if u can read arabic texts, there is book entitled: "aestheticism in the islamic architecture", authored by Tharwat Okasha.

this book has nice material considering the symbolism in islamic architecture.

i wish u'll gain benefit..
Waleed Akef
symbolism in Islamic Architecture
hi chamila ^_^
i think you're doing such an interesting topic in Islamic Architecture...
the research i've done for my master is quite similar, but i focus on aesthetical concept of Islamic Architecture written by Ismail Raji Al-Faruqi in his book, "Cultural Atlas of Islam"... I found that symbolism could be (1) a full-repetition from the latter works, (2) a conceptual-level repetition from the latter, (3) an operational-level repetition from the latter works...
unfortunately i wrote this in Indonesian, but if you want to discuss further about this topic, you can e-mail me at ^_^
Yulia Eka Putrie


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