Islamic Architecture
do you think islamic architecture could be sustainable ??
it would realy help if u tell me ur point of views or give me some sources that would help me do my research .. thx
Rowan Kandil
do you think islamic architecture could be sustainable ??
salamat Rawan,
this is some of reference which i remeber now, i hope it will be useful for u,some of it is directly about what u looking for and some other need to analyze and find the points which u looking for:
1-�Aronin, J. E. (1953). Climate and Architecture. New York, Reinhold Publishing Corporation.
2-Givoni, B. (1976). Man, climate and architecture. Barking, Essex, Applied Science Publishers
3-Evans, M. (1980). Housing, Climate and Comfort. London, The Architectural Press
4-Olgyay, V. (1963). Design with climate: bioclimatic approach to architectural regionalism, Princeton University Press.
5-Privacy in the Dwelling: an Analysis of Visual and Functional Connections
6-Courtyard Housing: Past, Present and Future,Par Brian Edwards, Peter Land, Mohamad Hakmi,Publi� par Taylor & Francis, 2006 ISBN 0415262720, 9780415262729
7- this is a web sit about sustainable architecture:

sorry this what i can remeber now, i don't have all of these book now
but if u need some thing moree specified don't hesitate to sending me
ur brother
Mohannad al-Haj


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