Islamic Architecture
Islamic Influence on Renaissance Architecture
I am currently working on a paper for my Art and Architecture in the Islamic World class. I am looking for any infromation that can help me explain how Islamic Architecture influenced Renaissance Architecture. If anyone has any information about this subject that would be great! Thanks
Monica Walsh
Islamic Influence on Renaissance Architecture
Hi Monica,
A bit late to respond but there is an interesting link between a Roman tomb at Mylasa in Turkey and the roof structure of mosques in western India.
regards Rob Howard
Rob Howard
Islamic Influence on Renaissance Architecture
Monica, I am not sure that Islamic Architecture did influence Renaisssance Architecture, but on the other hand the period popularly known as "Renaissance Architecture" is misnamed because the earlier Gothic period was the first architectural renaissance in Europe and the Gothic period was influenced by what was seen during the Crusades to the Holy Land. A common example being the so-called Gothic window with the arch composed of two arcs and not a semi-circle.

Likewise, during the long period when Spain was lived in by both the Moors from Africa and native Spanish, there was a great deal of cultural mixing with Moors and natives living side by side, so that great literary works in Greek and Latin which had been lost in the Western part of the Roman Empire, were found in the Eastern part of the Roman Empire (Byzantine), translated by moslems into arabic and then retranslated back into Latin in Spain.

Ironically, what is commonly known mathematically as `the Fibonacci series` originated in Islamic algebra.
Frank John Snelling
Islamic Influence on Renaissance Architecture
With reference to Frank John Snellings' comments, take a look at,
Rosamond Mack's book, Bazaar to Piazza: Islamic Trade and Italian Art, 1300-1600. Berkeley: University of California Pr., 2002.

Another book you might be interested in reading is, Venice and the Islamic World, 828-1797, edited by Stefano Carboni. Eng. ed. New York: Metropolitan Museum of Art, 2007.
Kathryn Phillips
Islamic Influence on Renaissance Architecture
Monica, A few years ago I bought "The legacy of Muslim Spain" in two volumes, by author /editor Jayyusi and published by BRILL (in Holland?)

These two books should give you chapter and verse on the transfer of ancient knowledge from the Moors in Spain to Medieval Europe.
Frank John Snelling
Islamic Influence on Renaissance Architecture
Hi Monica, i think main influence of islamic architecture into renaissance is in construction of dome, which was base for islamic architecture. As far as Renaissance architecture is concerned you can find all information necessary in 4-construction's website. It may provides usefull information for you. Then you would be able to compare what Islamic architecture and Renaissance architecture have in common to highlight Islamic influence on Renaissance architecture. Here is the link: Renaissance-architecture
Sophie Whitfield


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