Islamic Architecture
Interviewing architects...please help
Hey everyone,

I am a fifth year architecture student at California State Polytechnic Universtiy, Pomona and am currently working on my senior research project. My subject pertains to mosque typology and a re-evaluation of what a mosque can potentially be in the current era. I've been really interested in architects who use a contemporary spin in mosque designs and am searching for an architect who I can conduct a phone interview with. It would really be helpful if I could interview an architect who had some sort of insight into this unique issue. I have tried to get a reach of Zeynep Fadillioglu, the female Turkish designer who designed the Sakirin Mosque. Also I have tried to get a hold of Ali Mangera, from MYAA and Farshid Moussavi, from FOA. So far I haven't had any luck. Can you guys think of anyone else I can interview...or perhaps give me some tips on how to reach these fairly famous architects?
Kashif Ghani
Interviewing architects...please help
flickr has excellent images of sakirin mosque. just search for sakirin
Mohammed Ibrahim


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