Islamic Architecture
Mosque Finials
I am very interested in finials on top of minerets & mosque domes in Egypt. I would like to see good close up images of existing finials from the Umayyad, Abasid, Fatimid, Ayyubid, Mamaluke & Ottoman periods. Can anyone recommend a website or book with such details? I have a list of mosques from such periods, but not close ups of the finials. Thanks.
Elle Nour
Mosque Finials
hey Elle,

u could read the book of doris abouseif.."islamic architecture in cairo. an introduction", it has a good deal of pics to islamic cairene minarets. And u can also read all creswell's books about islamic architecture, he put a great quantity of images to the islamic mosques, which implies images to the minarets, domes..etc.

As to any useful references, u can take a deep look to the images which exist in this site "archnet"...they are so relevant and useful..
Waleed Akef


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