Islamic Architecture
a question to every one.
Can any one here help me finding the oldest research on the islamic architecture?
it is not important it contains just formational features or functional and theoritical motifs too.
S. Maziar Mazloomi
a question to every one.
We can't actually find the oldest research but what we could do is to browse through the researches done by matured Muslim scholars. Such as Professor Shaukat Mahmood :Islamic calligraphy and inscription(1981), in his PhD thesis that covers wholly on Islamic inscriptions as one of Islamic ornamentation in Pakistan. The works of Syed Hossein Nasir are mostly deep in philosophy.
May be you could narrow down your question so that the responses will be focused.
I hope that I am helping you a little if not much?
Rosniza Othman
a question to every one.
thank you madam.
it is useful of course.
but let me make the question more clear:
I am looking for the firsts researches or studies on islamic architecture (or art)which have been done in academic should be considerd as a reliable and strong survey.
I've found some but in accordance with type of research that I must do,I need to refer to oldests themes too.
I am looking for changes of opinions and pathern that all the researchers in this category have done.
one of the parameters is observing those changes(for example from more historical to functional or from more formation to theoretical.)
S. Maziar Mazloomi


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