Islamic Architecture
Mameluk Marble Floors in Cairo
Dear Colleagues,

We are building in RIO DE JANEIRO, Brazil a house in Islamic Style.
Having the Mameluk Style as a reference, the Neo-Mameluk Complex Al-SULTANYIA is making a hommage to that glory days.
But as part of our project we need some help...
We need to have picures of mosaics marble floors as that seen ins Sultan Hassan Madrasa in Cairo and that in Qait-Bey, Barkuk, Qalawn, and many other in Cairo.
PLEASE, if you can send good and detailed pictures of such floors, we will be very glad.

Our HP is


thanks, claudio
Claudio Prado de Mello
Mameluk Marble Floors in Cairo
look mr mello,
i could help you with just one useful advice, it's to see the picture which k.a.c.creswell captured to the islamic monuments in cairo, and they are near-reaching, you just look for them in the creswell archieve in the library of this site.
i wish it's useful, cause many of these pictures are linked with your ask.
Waleed Akef
Mameluk Marble Floors in Cairo
Hi Claudio
Here is a picture of the Sultan Hassan floor which might help. I can send you a high-res copy of you want. Also you can try this url where you will find a lot more detailed images:

Good luck.
Richard Mole


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