Islamic Architecture
Considerations on the concept of landmark
I am planning an Islamic Cultural Center in Berlin. It will be placed near an ex-industrial area. Do you think it would be possible to re-use the industrial chimney fallen into disuse as a Minaret? I am thinking at the Tate Modern's chimney in London (see picture) as an example of what I mean: a pure symbolic form like a cube on top of the old stucture that create an interesting light installation (even though my chimney is not so high and massive...). Would it be offensive? If I am planning a new Minaret, would it be in conflict with the industrial chimney? Should it be higher?
Last question: I was looking at the Minaret of the b-mosque in Islamabad.
Is it planned like that? Is it a re-use of a previous structure? Maybe an error of the caption?
Thank you very much for you answers,

Niccol� Genesio
Niccolo Genesio
Considerations on the concept of landmark
Niccolo. The Tate Modern`s brick chimney and brick outside walls come from the original building which was the Battersea Power Station. :)))
Frank John Snelling
Considerations on the concept of landmark
creatively can be crafted as new minaret,they were used to call faithfulls for prayers and keep watch on intruders in old times,off-cours it is landmark and usely are in pirs of two in entrance of mousque to balance the structure....
Dushyant Nathwani
Considerations on the concept of landmark
Niccolo Genesio


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