Islamic Architecture
Really need help - cad blocks
Dear all,

I�m currently designing an islamic center and mosque. Looking through all my cad libraries - I�m german - and searching through the internet - I really can�t find any cad blocks with muslim people; people in all positions wearing traditional men's/women's clothing, and people praying/kneeling in the mosque.

I would be extremely grateful if you could send me any cad-blocks (2D dwg) or any other format for autocad/ archicad, or tell me any website where I can find. Hopefully, those of you working in muslim countries or with these kinds of projects must have?

The best to all of you,
Karl Johan Holmberg
Really need help - cad blocks
Karl, You are going "where angels fear to tread" (an english idiom signifying an unwise action), because the use of religious imagery in Islam, is certainly inappropriate and to conservative moslems, offensive.
Frank John Snelling


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