Islamic Architecture
sense in islamic architecture
do you belive in that every islamic buildings and patterns... have senses behind them?or who realy knows that what context lies in islamic architecture?
some researchers like terry allen,oleg grabar,gulru necipoglu had wrote about this,but help me about gadering more info
Roozbeh Noori
sense in islamic architecture
Roozbeh, Do you mean senses as in human senses? Or do you mean sense(s) as in meaning(s)?
Frank John Snelling
sense in islamic architecture
hi Roozbeh
I think that islamic architecture has very different theory behind it but it mostly has sense behind it for example if u see a general mosque layout, it is designed to fullfill the needs and islamic architecture has its own style and meanings like white color depicting purity (in hindu architecture they used to depict purity by lotus flower motif). i think u shud study about the religion itself and muslim culture. it will help u understand the meanings behind islamic architecture
Ambreen Iqbal
sense in islamic architecture
hi roozbeh....
islamic architecture i think is not only about the three always has a fourth dimension attached to it..which can be seen in the very use of every element like the way water is being used or should be said 'celebrated' in those buildings...even the use of perspective as a whole and the rhythm of arabesque in parts also refers to that 'fourth dimension' which are directly related to senses...
Surabhi Gaur
sense in islamic architecture
i agree with Gaur. its been a long debate about islamic architecture. the forth dimension of Gaur is not really something sublime or spiritual. its the way of understaing of the context. islamic architecture must not be simplified by 'arches' or 'scales'. it was an urgent response for the society. Socio-political crisis were to be met by iconic built-form from the very begining of civilization. we better not call 'islamic architecture' rather identify the paradigm in the phrase "religious architecture for the muslims". islam has nothing to do with it.
Sheikh Ashik Ikbal
sense in islamic architecture
hi again
sheik ashik you have a notable idea about religious architecture.but islam has different reflections in different countries and territories,despite its real minnigs and soul.
what shoulda islamic or religius architecture have?in shape or in context?
Roozbeh Noori
sense in islamic architecture
"Islam has different reflections in different countries and territories, despite its real minnigs and soul".
What should a Islamic or religious architecture have? In shape or in context?
_ i don�t want to converse �shape� since that will be quite convoluted one.
Even know only about its contextuality.
In Bangladesh Islam was transported approx 12th century by 12 brave-heart soldiers. Before this we had Hinduism and Buddhism as the main race for religion. You will find in our religious 'Islamic' buildings as a symbiosis among these religions.
One the other hand few themes from Persian style, Mughal architecture and few from our primitive vernacular form articulated the form for Islamic religious buildings. In this case how you will actually determine the shape? The blend culture of �Islamic architecture� has turned it�s worshiping places into �mosques� only, which are� architecturally� One dome mosque, two dome, cross vault etc etc etc. Even you will find few mosques built by stone. While stone is not our building material at all.

�It should have the SENSE of ISLAM� � there are lot of Islamic senses for religious buildings. You might call them IDEALS. As IDEALS do not vary a lot. I only pick the ORIENTATION, FORMALISM_MINIMALISTIC IDEA and the BROTHERHOOD FEELING. This eventually generates the sense of scale_context, ample lighting, direction and regionalism.
We cannot ignore JUMMAH just because it always overflows the mosques. The immediate premise of the mosque becomes the part of the mosque. So, again it is difficult to map an architectonic piece for Islamic religious building (which is mostly mosques).

In which shape we demark?
in fact I have no concrete rejoin for your question, Noori.
Sheikh Ashik Ikbal
sense in islamic architecture
Personally, I prefer the open air stone prayer platform on the Hidirlik (a small hillock) in the old town of Safranbolu in Northern Turkey, because the essence of any Islamic prayer place is the niche in the wall (showing the direction of Mecca) and the short stair for the imam.

I imagine that the orginal Islamic prayer places were in the open air and this can be seen in the number of courtyard prayer places which exist today. The building of the formally designed mosque must have come later.

I make this point because no building can be holy in itself. No, what is holy is the faith of the people.
Frank John Snelling
sense in islamic architecture
"I make this point because no building can be holy in itself. No, what is holy is the faith of the people"
i like this sentence.we know that cognition of a biulding is a relation between biulding shape and viewer culture and experiments and life a mosque have same meaning in different countreis and different persons?
what we know as "islam culture" has a varey of shapes in different countries,because of different cultures they have before islam came to them.
we are trying to keep islamic architecture in contomprary world alive,we know islam as it in this age,with this soul,where is technologies place in islamic architecture?
Roozbeh Noori
sense in islamic architecture
maybe you should read books written by Louis Lamya Al-Faruqie and Ismail Al-Faruqie. I find it complete and comprehensive. or Spitirualisme in Islamic Art by Hussein Nasr
Farid Nazaruddin


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