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Media facade / Quran quotes?
Hi everyone, I'm currently working on my grad project - a mosque/islamic centre in my Swedish hometown. The building's facade is to, reffering to the mashrabiyya tradition, be clad in a semitranslucent coppergreen mesh. The mesh is to be perforated in some way - either from a typical islamic pattern, or by cutting out quotes from the Hadith or the Quran in arabic graphics. I�d be grateful to hear your opinion about my idea - and even more, to hear any favourite quotes from typical islamic religious sources. As a non-muslim - even though I want to, I don't have enough time to study them carefully- but I'm looking for beautiful but simple quotes reffering to friendship, understanding, welcomeship and holyness. I'd be grateful to hear any.

Best wishes to you all,

Karl Johan
Karl Johan Holmberg
Media facade / Quran quotes?
hii mr Holmberg,

firstly, your idea is so good and so exciting but, i'd like to know why you want any quotes refering to the above objects, tell me why to could help you as far as i can, because iam thank God a Muslim. im waiting your response
Waleed Akef
Media facade / Quran quotes?
Hi Karl!
Your Idea seems interesting.
Green color in Islamic culture is a sign of intellectuality and ideality, therefore It's a good Idea.
Please explain it more and it's effect on the interior.
Finally I suggest you to talk with some Musalmans to make yourself familiar with Muslems opinion about an ideal mosque.
Fateme Goldar
Media facade / Quran quotes?
Hi Karl, I think u have a very interesting project .... I am not sure whether your approach is the right one .... Mosques are not about Mashrabbyas and arches .... this is the regions way of building. I urge you to look at mosques from China and see how they are. maybe then you'd realize that the Architecture of the mosque is not about a bunch of elements that are grouped together..... anyways, here are some quotes from the Quran I thought they might help .....

" To those who believe and do deeds of righteousness Hath Allah promised forgiveness and a great rewar" (5:9).

" If the enemy incline towards peace, Do thou (also) incline towards peace, and trust in Allah: for he is the one that heareth and knoweth (All things)." (8:61).

" O ye who believe! persevere in patience and constancy; vie in such perseverence; strengthen each other; and fear Allah; That ye may prosper" (3:200).

"It may be that Allah will grant love and friendship between you and those whom you hold now as enemies. For allah has power; and Allah is oft-giving, most merciful" (60:7)

" Allah has knowledge of the prophets cry. "O my lord! Truly they are people who will not believe! But turn away from them, and say "peace" but soon shall they know!" (43:89)
Hassan El Ghayesh


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