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hello everyone! i am recently compiling a research paper and my question is how will the future architecture of mosques in Dubai and London affect the society and Islmic architecture as a whole? the modern mosques is the one in Dubai which is called the WATERSIDE mosque,you can find it on google by typing moskee in dubai. the second one is the strasbourg mosque in london by zaha hadid, you can also find that on google and the third one is called the olympic mosque which is goin to be built in later in u.k these are all architectural concepts and have not been built yet but have been designed. however i would like to have all your assistance on how i can approach the question and what issues i should bring up. i would sincerely appreciate your responses thaking you in advance
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Muslim Janoowala
research paper
I am also Researching on mosque architecture, but I am looking to the essence of mosque of Prophet Mohammad (pbuh).
You have a very turning concept for mosque in the world of emerging architecture. If you just go through the historical context of mosque development, you can analyze that how mosque made prominent roll in Muslim society in different ages, like in the Period of Khalifa, Emperors and after that we can see clearly that how mosque has design after World War. But today's scenario is going to change in terms of Technology & culture that we can see in these future mosques.
Your area is a very centrifugal to thing and work on future architecture of mosque.
Your question on effect on the society as a whole, so yes It will effects on the image of Muslim world which developed throughout the history, and today we are Re-Thinking, De-constructing, Re-emerging the Ideas on mosque architecture.
Furqan Khatri
research paper
i think thats great. peace.
Margaret Lawson


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