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Referances of monuments in Lahore

I am Sabeen from Lahore, Pakistan. I want to know that do you have pictures or illustration. I want to these to build the true picture of the building that is how it looked when it was built. Right now all of these buildings are just structures with walls and roof with no or very little work on walls for which the Mughals are known

Gulabi Bagh (Rose Garden) in Lahore. It is on G.T. Road near University of Engineering and Technology, Lahore. built in 1655. Gulabi bagh gateway still exist in almost actual condition nut no traces of the garden itself how big it is what was its plan what are features of its land scape etc. it also has the tomb of Dai Anga(Wet Nurse of Shah Jahan) all the details of outside walls no longer exist. I need information about these things

Tomb of Asif Jah (brother of Queen Noor Jahan) in Shahdara near Emperor Jahangir Tomb. Its garden exists but we cant say that present boundary was its actual boundary and what are details of its outer walls coz outer walls do not have are just exposed bricks. It is said that its walls were decerated with lots of expenses stones. But nothing has left now

Tomp of Zaib-un-nisa (daughter of Emperor Aurangzeb Alamgir) on Multan Road near the Samanabad Crossing (Samanabad Mor).
The garden associated with tomb does not exits at all and the other building that were part of this garden do not exist What exist today is the devastated tomb (worse than the Asif Jah.) and the gateway and few burjis that were marking the boundary.
Sabeen Iqbal
Referances of monuments in Lahore
kindly answer me
Sabeen Iqbal
Referances of monuments in Lahore
Dear Sabeen ,lahore has improved the mughal artifacts and these have been in fasion, allover the society through mid eighties untill now ,and they purchase 'decaying' doors ,windows and interior stuff like boxes etc and improve ..The govt has a fund allocated and the renovation is also working ,many haveli's that were ruins now host banquets for international celebrities ,but the buildings you mentioned are still not popularly used by public or visitors instead still a mystery that culturists discover and freak for long ay their beauty , and /picnic/enjoy the beauty of these facts otherwise... when i visited Lahore younger there were only three stupas left of chauburgi now however its standing full.
Sher Saddozai


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