Islamic Architecture
Afghan Rugs Featuring Architectural Subjects
Hello, My interest in slightly tangential to architecture, but Archnet is an impressive community, and you have been a most helpful resource.

I am researching architectural subjects in hand woven Afghan rugs. Here are a few examples of rugs showing particular pieces or architecture:
Alexander's Citadel in Herat and another view.
Jam Minaret
Shahyaad Square, Tehran
Friday Mosque, Herat from south view
Paghman Lake Arches, Afghanistan
This is my latest quandry. Nine more examples Any ideas?
I am interested in any feedback, thanks.
Kevin Sudeith
Afghan Rugs Featuring Architectural Subjects
Can anyone please tell me what building is depicted in the rug above? Two towers flanking some kind of arch? A bridge perhaps? Here are more examples of same image.
While it's most likely Islamic, it could be anywhere. For example, Mount Fuji Rug
Kevin Sudeith
Afghan Rugs Featuring Architectural Subjects
Mashallah, It was amazing to see these pieces, after carefully looking through all the pictures I am convinced that archeticture plays a central role in a sound manner for multiple forms of Islamic arts and archetichtures, they expressively amazing symbols of islamic identity.
Razali Paiwand


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