Islamic Architecture
center of islamic culture in Scandinavia
Establishment of the centers of Eastern culture in Norway
Gulnara Mehmandarova
center of islamic culture in Scandinavia
Hi Gulnara
Congratulations for your iniciative of introducing the Scandinavian Centre of Islamic Culture... Do you have more informations about it. Here in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil we are building also sometnhing in the same field. A Cultural Complex with Museum, Cultural Centre, Library, Planetarium, Theater and other things in a place in Neo-Mameluke Style. If interested, write to
Claudio Prado de Mello
center of islamic culture in Scandinavia
wow, really?
It seems a big center
But why did you chose a neo mameluk style?
Alia Himmat
center of islamic culture in Scandinavia
Gulnara Mehmandarova
center of islamic culture in Scandinavia
Gulnara, Transplanted architecture? This reminds me of the strange grey stone mosque that I saw either in Moscow or Leningrad in 1979 (the year before the 1980 Moscow Olympics).

I visited the USSR on a five city Intourist group holiday for three weeks because the other cities were Samarkand, Tashkent and Bukhara in the Soviet Socialist State of Uzbekistan.
Frank John Snelling
center of islamic culture in Scandinavia
Frank, i suppose you mean Friday mosque of St Petersburg, it was build in 1913 by Emir of Bukhara, who lived then in Petersburg. Style of mosque is something like mixture of Timurid architecture and Russian Art-noveau.
Daniel Pleshak


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