Islamic Architecture
Islamic fortification
What are the main characteristics of Islamic fortification?
Is a citadel considered as fortification?
Meas Mom
Islamic fortification
Yes, a citadel is a fortification, usually found within a town or city.
Frank John Snelling
Islamic fortification
a citadel can be considered as a fortress in a commanding position in or near a city... This existed since the eqyptian and roman times to medieval period. A citadel is still evident in most old part of the city.. esp sienna, fluorence, Lucca and etc in Italy.
Maya Sanskrit
Islamic fortification
Aleppo and Cairo both have citadels that are quite amazing examples and immediately give a sense of why they were built as fortifications. I'm sure information on their histories and structures is available on the AKDN/ArchNet sites.

As a matter of interest, AKAA ceremonies have been held in both to great effect.
Naznin Hirji
Islamic fortification
The Rohtas Fort, near Jehlum,Punjab,Pakistan, is a good example of Islamic fortification, Sher Shah /Mughals some renovation attempts are underway, there is an existing village in it about 20,000 people including schools.Will send some illustrations latter.
Sikander Ajam
Islamic fortification
Yes. No doubt is a fortifcation. The cidadel is a second or a final fortification. The case of Aleppo is clear.. the cidadel is inside the larger circuit of temenos wall of the town. Today, only a small part of the temenos is visible. It seems that the cidadel is the last chance of protection when the walls failed. Also, the Piece of Resistence for the elite, goods and the court.
Claudio Prado de Mello
Islamic fortification
citadel: A fortress in a commanding position in or near a city; a stronghold or fortified place

fortification: anything that fortifies or protects; military works constructed for the purpose of strengthening a position.

fortress: citadel; a large fortified place; a fort or group of forts, often including a town; any place of exceptional security


subtle differences in definitions. fortification, as evident, is a more generic term applied to any construction built for protection purposes as in fortification walls, bastions etc.

therefore, islamic fortification has a really wide scope and may have include various building typologies to summarise its main characteristics.

use the right term as applicable. all the best.
Shubhru Gupta
Islamic fortification
Dear Meas Mom,

Do you means 'Islamic fortification in architecture'? or 'Architectural fortification in Islam'? or what?
I think 'Islamic fortification' characteristics come from the Muslim's 5 pillars which are :
i. The Syahadah
ii.The pray
ii. The fast
iii. The Zakath
iv. The pilgrimage for haj
From that, you can start to search further on Architectural Islamic Fortification.

Citadel to be considered as Islamic fortification...i'm not yet to sure
Azmin Ibrahim
Islamic fortification
Dear Azmin Ibrahim,

thank you for your responding.. Actually i'm asking about the charactrastics of islamic fortifcation in architecture?
Meas Mom


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