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Triangular prayer hall?
I'm currently designing a modern, wooden mosque in Sweden (!) as my architecture graduation project. Analyzing the urban context, a triangular mosque plan could fit in very well, both perpendicular to the street and pointing towards Mekka. Also, the triangle has strong symbolic means in islamic culture. As I have only seen the Faisal Mosque in Islamabad with a triangular prayer hall, I would be extremely grateful to hear your opinion about such a one. Also, should the quibla wall be at a broad side of the triangle - or at its point? (In a church, you would definitely place the alter at the triangle point).

Karl Johan Holmberg
Karl Johan Holmberg
Triangular prayer hall?
Well I think that you have proposed a good question. I would like you to read the book named "sense of unity" by Nader Ardalan before you decide. You know that the orientation of all the islamic world towards Mecca(KA'BA) has within itself a meaning. The whole world ,then, is like the geometry of a spider's home in which we have circles and radii with two different meanings. I think if you have such a view (and see your project az a part of a GREAT WHOLE, then it can BE triangular. It can be a landmark in your context; an ARROW!
Javid Ghanbaree
Triangular prayer hall?
Hi Karl,

In a mosque, the ritual prayers are realized by means of the guidance of the imam who stands in front of all the people so as to guide them. During the prayers, he orients himself through quibla so as the others behind him. In this respect, I think orienting the plan layout through quibla at its triangular point will be more convenient. Thus, the importance of the imam as a guide can be easily emphasized via his particular location in the space.

Moreover, if you opt for the triangular point, it will also be quite convenient to take people in the space from the broad side. Because they will already feel that they are directly oriented in the space merely thanks to the geometrical nature of the triangle.

bahri saka
Bahri Saka
Triangular prayer hall?
Im not talking of the shape but the 'plan' here..behind the Imam there must be space for three ..then so on and so on!
Sher Saddozai


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