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Architects specialized in Islamic architecture

I have been looking for an Architect (company or individual) who has a specialty in Arabic/Islamic architecture. There is a hotel project in the Gulf region and we are specifically looking for architects who specialize in Islamic architecture. I have talked and seen various good Islamic architecture projects, however they don't specialize exclusively in this field.

I will appreciate if I can be referred if you know any, preferrably in the Middle East region.

Thank you
Daniel Saliba
Architects specialized in Islamic architecture
alsalamo alaykom
dear Daniel,
my name is Wesam Mahmoud Taha. I am an architect from Egypt; I am working now in Ksa, Makkah and I heard you are looking for an architect specialized in Islamic architecture. I know him well; he is Dr. Yousry Azzam, Professor, Doctor in the faculty of Engineering and department of Architecture. He is specialised in Islamic architecture and has done many buildings and researches in that field; also he has many talented friends. They all act as one team, producing the best ideas and solutions in architecture and urban design; they have won many compietitions, too. You could contact him on
or call him on +20101629397 or give me all your contacts and I will call him and tell him all about it so he can contact you later. You can call me on +966556563336 or mail me on
Wesam Hossien Taha


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