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Al Aqsa excavations

I am hearing only 'newsbites' now and again about excavations being made in Jerusalem:

In a quiet and studied manner, I would like to have more information what is actually being done (by the Israelis or whoever), whether and if so in what manner is the Mosque at risk. I know there are many engineers and architects here at Archnet - someone surely has some insight on this issue?

I lived in the Old City, in the shadow of al-Aqsa - I would like to know what is actually being done, what work, by whom and for what reason. Is this work structurally threatening the Mosque and ancillary areas?

What else - is there something to be done?

The general Islamic community has already lost far too many precious, architectural, religious, cultural and historic construction. As part of the global community, should we not be more informed on this issue?

ma salemah!
Anthony Stewart
Al Aqsa excavations
I'm not quite sure what's happening either, but there's an interesting article on the BBC website that talks about the Israeli authorities webcasting the excavation to appease anger: Webcast for Jerusalem excavations.
Ozgur Basak Alkan
Al Aqsa excavations
From what I read in a national daily newspaper here in Britain, the objective of the work being done is to create improved access at a gateway onto the site. I note that there are archaelogists "on site" to ensure that there is no damage to artefacts, etc.

Given that the whole site (including the two mosques within the area) is the foundation of the Second (?)Temple of Jerusalem (the "Wailing Wall" being one of the walls of the temple), then any work being done will have both Islamic and Judaic clerics watching very carefully to make sure that nothing sacred to either faith is disturbed.
Frank John Snelling
Al Aqsa excavations

What is the type of rock (stone) that has been used on the mosque?

Thank You
Faris Ihsan


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