Islamic Architecture
Islamic stained glass windows

I am a graduate student at Florida State Univ. I'm trying to find information on stained glass windows in mosques. I saw a posting from 2003 that cited an article by Keith Critchlow called "The Play of Light" (published in Arts and the Islamic World). Does anyone know which issue this appeared in? I cannot find it in any of the academic indexes.

Also does anyone know of any scholarly articles on this subject? I find plenty on Islamic glass in general but not windows.


Sheri Dickson
Islamic stained glass windows
Below is a book of selected articles in English and Turkish, published in Turkiye about Ottoman art. This article is about the glass windows of 16th century Istanbul taking the models from a 16th century illustrated manuscript called Suleymanname which is originally preserved at the Topkapi Palace in Istanbul. It is interesting and worth having a look. You may not able to find it in libraries in US, but may try to buy it through internet.

BAKIRER, Omur; 'The Paintings of ��Suleymanname��: A Source for The Study of Sixteenth Century Ottoman Windows and Architectural Glass', Aptullah Kuran icin Yazilar, Yapi; Kredi Yay. 1270,Istanbul, 1999, pp. 125-141
Filiz Adiguzel


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