Islamic Architecture
Thesis: Design of Ismaili Centre / Jamatkhana
I am student of final year architecture from Nagpur, India. Actually I had choosen my thesis topic as an Ismaili Centre / Jamatkhana and I have some queries.

Can I know if Ismailis are compulsory to face qibla at the time of prayer? Is their anything like mihrab facing qibla in a jamatkhana?

Must there be minarets, domes, arches in a jamatkhana design?

Can I provide escalators in jamatkhana for comfort?

Can I give religious education centre, where children can be taught about the creations of Allah, a colourful interior?

Thank you for your responses,
Naaznin Lalani
Thesis: Design of Ismaili Centre / Jamatkhana
Your thesis topic raises some fascinating questions. Please consider making it available on ArchNet as i am sure many will benefit from the research.
Minaz Hussein Rattansi


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