Islamic Architecture
No Gumbad Mosque, Afghanistan
I would like to know whether there are any drawings or model or drawings reconstructions of No Gumbad Mosque in Afghanistan. This is one of the sites that ArchNet has a file on.
Perhaps I could be directed to publications or similar sources for studying this site.

Thank you very much.
Sahba Laal
No Gumbad Mosque, Afghanistan
Dear Sahba Laal,

I met Ms. Alka Patel from Michigan University. She is an Asst. Professor there. She has done lot of research on mosques in Afganistan. Her email is
I am sure she would be a good resource.
Anubandh Hambarde
No Gumbad Mosque, Afghanistan
Dear Sahba,

I'd like to point your attention to the articles listed in the bibliography of the ArchNet page on No Gumbad Mosque. I believe that the Golombek and Melikian-Chirvani articles listed there are the main sources available for the study of this monument (unless something else was written on it in the last year).

Since you're at a U.S. university, you should be able to order them through Interlibrary Loan if they are not available in your library.

Good luck,
Ozgur Basak Alkan
No Gumbad Mosque, Afghanistan
Hi Sahba. This is Mike Kelly. If this is the Sahba Laal I think he is, we were friends at U of M in the 80's. If so, please contact me at
Michael Kelly


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