Islamic Architecture
Vernacular architecture of Srinagar
The vernacular building and techniques are fast losing ground. These crafts have made great contribution to the traditional architecture in a Islamic city like Srinagar, Kashmir. The techniques included wood work in lattice range, pinjrakari, khatamband ceilings,mud plasters as insulation,carved doors, designed windows, doors and windows. How do we make them relevent to the builders and architects of today?

I am convener of an NGO, INTACH JK Chapter. We have documented in 5 volumes, 500 pages each, the architectural resources of Kashmir listing buildings, architectural elements, typologies. Please visit for details of the project, cultural resource mapping of Srinagar.
Msaleem Beg
Vernacular architecture of Srinagar
Great effort, make details available to designers and crafts people to execute at reasonable time and money.
Dushyant Nathwani
Vernacular architecture of Srinagar
Msaleem, typologies are useful but should be used as a flexible guide to design, not as fixed, immutable rules. :)
Frank John Snelling
Vernacular architecture of Srinagar
I have had the briefest of looks and have downloaded the report on last years EQ which I will read with interest. Will you be identifying the importance of the features that will contribute towards a reduced seismic vulnerability in these buildings? As an engineer I find it particularily satisfying if I can see that there are sensible engineering principals behind many architectural features.
As I said I will read the report on the EQ with interst.
Kubilay Hicyilmaz
Vernacular architecture of Srinagar
This is a great start and I'm encouraged that something is being done to preserve the architectural heritage of Kashmir. My dissertation topic is on the patronage and piety of Jahanara Begum, daughter of Shah Jahan. In fact, you incorrectly state Dara Shikoh as the sole patron of the Akhund Mullah Shah mosque (1643) in Hari Parbat Hill. Inayat's Shahnama and other primary Mughal sources claim Jahanara as the primary patron. Pari Mahal is attributed to Dara Shikoh. I've been completing an exhaustive survey of the exquisite mosque that is currently under lock and key but in major desrepair. I was disappointed that it is not listed as a monument to be saved or preserved on your heritage list. Attached, please find an image of my princess' mosque for her Sufi pir.
Afshan Bokhari
Vernacular architecture of Srinagar
Dear Afshan Bokhari,

A pleasant coincidence. I have made a presentation to the government just yesterday on the need to declare whole area withen the Mughal wall as Naagar Nagar archeological park. This park has a substantial archeological material of the Mughal and pre-Mughal Islamic periods. This includes the mosque.

We have also proposed archeological exploration that provides fresh info on the archeological and architectural objects. One such object is Khan-i-Musaviran, Mughal paintings/portraits gallery mentioned in Tuzki Jehangiri. We seek research material of the kind you have mentioned. Can we coordinate the efforts? Please reply on my personal mail

I hope you are aware of the major damage to Mulla Akhond Mosque in last year's earthquake and rains. In fact, I have been in touch with archeological survey on this. They have the funds to repair the mosque but they are finding it difficult to source the material. There are many such details that need pooling of resources. Where do you work and live? We can work together on the project.
Msaleem Beg
Vernacular architecture of Srinagar
Dear Kubilay

We in INTACH have already completed a research project on " Disaster Risk Management of Vernacular Heritage in Kashmir". The project has been prepared for Rits-DMUCH, Kyoto, Japan.The report seeks to analyse transformation process in vernacular houses in Kashmir and assess the disaster vulnerability to various slow / progressive as well as momentary natural and man made hazards. The report also looks at the evolution of various construction techniques and built form in the area linked with different geographical regions as well as different ethinic groups. An overview of the settlement pattern and the various urban challenges has also been discussed. We hope to post the report on our web site soon and would be looking forward to your response.

hakim sameer hamdani
Sameer Hamdani


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