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Identifying building in India / Pakistan
This question is posted on this forum in the hope that somebody recognizes the building in the given illustration (Click here to see the full-size image). The building depicted in this etching is probably a mosque entrance. The etch was made by the Dutch artist Marius Bauer in 1899; the etching is titled by some musea 'The entrance to the Friday mosque in Delhi'. But when I compared pictures on the internet of this mosque and it's different entrances with the etching, none of them resembled exactly this etching. I looked for other mosques/buildings in India (Fatehpur Sikri; Red fort Delhi), but also there the resemblance was not complete. Also mosques from Pakistan (Lahore Wazir Khan; Bad Shahi) I checked, but no perfect match. I know that other etchings and drawings of Bauer made in India are nature-true, so I expect that this etching is also drawn after nature, but maybe that is a wrong assumption. Does anybody recognize this entrance? Maybe it was made after a building that does not exist anymore, or has been restored? If this question is posted on the wrong forum, could you please let me know?
Joosje van Bennekom
Identifying building in India / Pakistan
I think it is Buland darwaza- Fatehpur Sikri. It resembles a lot.
Manritpaul Singh Ubhi
Identifying building in India / Pakistan
Thank you for your reaction. I agree with you that the Buland Darwaza resembles the building in the etch a lot, but there are also some differences: the sides to the entrance (with the two arches each) are in the Buland Darwaza as high as the entrance itself. In the etch building they are not. Also these side-aisles (can you call them like that?) are not in line with the entrance structure; in the etch they are. And the ornamentation above the arch of the entrance is different. But,until now, this building fits the best. If no better option comes along, this could be the one, and the artist maybe freely interpreted it!
Joosje van Bennekom
Identifying building in India / Pakistan
Dear Joosje,

Intrigued by this image, I scoured the internet and found the following link to the etching: Another view of etching

And in my opinion, this etching does represent the entrance gateway of the great Jama Masjid of Delhi, India, which is the most venerated and popular Friday mosque in the country!

However, it seems to show the inside facade of the gateway that can be discerned from the small height of the arched opening acting as doorway in it, and the hinted-at movement of the people coming up the steps onto a platform.

Maybe this is why you were unable to match it with general pictures available on the internet that depict the gateway from the outside.

I hope this helps.

Shubhru Gupta
Identifying building in India / Pakistan
Dear Shubhru,

Thank you for your reply; I searched the internet (before I posted this question) for pictures of the Jamma Masjid, but I could indeed not find an exact resemblance with these pictures.

I would love to have a photo of this side of the entrance of the Jamma Masjid, do you know where I could find it?


Joosje van Bennekom
Identifying building in India / Pakistan
Hi everyone,

This also caught my curiousity and I looked at numerous image archives (ArchNet, ArtServe, Flickr, etc.) and could not match any views of any gate (in the Delhi Jama Masjid) to that depicted by Bauer. The chattris pose a problem. Also, he appears to have omitted the triple loggias on either side of the gate (as it would be seen from the stairs). Perhaps he just took some artistic license!
Ozgur Basak Alkan


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