Islamic Architecture
Baha-ut Din Naqshband Complex, Bukhara
I am trying to find out the significance of the door knockers in this picture from the Baha-ut Din Naqshband Complex outside Bukhara (photo taken circa 1911 by Prokudin Gorskii).
Lucy Kelaart
Baha-ut Din Naqshband Complex, Bukhara
Hi Lucy,

It's hard to see the doorknockers from the thumbnail. I was curious, so I found the original from the Library of Congress website, and here's the link for anyone who wants to see them up close. There are, basically two dozen doorknockers of different shape and size; how curious! Perhaps it's a way of letting every follower know and announce their rank and place.

BTW, this site is listed on ArchNet as Baha' al-Din al-Naqshbandi Complex.
Ozgur Basak Alkan
Baha-ut Din Naqshband Complex, Bukhara

Thanks for providing the link and my apologies for mis-spelling. I was writing it from my clearly erroneous memory!
I like your theory...
Lucy Kelaart


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