Islamic Architecture
Mausoleum of Sheikh Jalal al-Din Tabrizi
I need some information about the tomb and the meditating point of Shaykh Jalal-al-Din Tabrizi, a 12th century Sufi saint from Iran who spread Islam in Bengal.
Muhammad Husayn Khamush
Mausoleum of Sheikh Jalal al-Din Tabrizi
Dear Muhammad,

The Banglapedia page on the Shaikh contains some information on his shrine, the Bari Dargah at Pandua, which apparently does not contain his grave. You may find more information if you search online for Bari Dargah, or for "Jalaluddin Tabrizi".

If you're searching in a library, I would begin with the Encyclopeadia of Islam.
Ozgur Basak Alkan


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