Islamic Architecture
Khajou Bridge, Isfahan
I am researching the mystical lore of the Khajou bridge regarding 'soul growth' according to Sufism.

I would like to know if Zaynab Begum commissioned the building of this bridge during the Safavid period, under Shah Abbas.
Kathleen Power
Khajou Bridge, Isfahan
The bridge is featured in the ArchNet Digital Library under the spelling "Khwaju Bridge". It was commissioned in the time of Shah Abbas II.
Shiraz Allibhai
Khajou Bridge, Isfahan
Dear Kathleen,

You may find some useful information on these two articles by Wolfram Kleiss entitled Safavidische und Qadjarische Brücken in Iran. They were published in Archaeologische Mitteilungen Aus Iran (I know that the second one appeared in Vol. XIX, 313-338) and contain detailed drawings and photographs.
Ozgur Basak Alkan
Khajou Bridge, Isfahan
Arthur Upham Pope briefly describes the bridge along with the bridge of Allahvardi Khan in his book Introducing Persian Architecture, as places meant for enjoyment/tarrying as well as for transit, that they were built with good proportions, and that they also acted as dams.
Sophia Khan
Khajou Bridge, Isfahan
Khajou Bridge in Isfahan is the private bridge for Shah Abbas II.
This bridge was made with Shirazian architecture (Hasan Memar), but Shah Abbas renewed this bridge.
Mohammad Parva
Khajou Bridge, Isfahan
I am an engineering historian with a particular interest in the history of women in construction. I would love to know more about Zaynab Begum, evidently an interesting lady. What little I know is the following:

Zaynab Begum d. 1641-42

Zaynab Begum, Shah Abbas' unmarried aunt, built bridges and caravanserais along the Qazvin-Sava trade route. 17th century Persia/Iran.

I have asked thFoundation for Science Technology and Civilisation if they have any more info.
Nina Baker


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