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Community mosque architecture
I am conducting a research concerning how to revive the concept of 'community mosque' in modern era, as it did somehow lose its identity in community.

So, would you help me by giving out your opinion concerning whether should the concept 'community mosque' where the mosque becomes the core of life of the surrounding community?

Can the community mosque be revived or not? If yes, could you mention some suggestions in your opinion?

Samar el-Nagar
Community mosque architecture
Samar, I would say you can recreate the concept of 'community mosque' if it exclusively addresses the needs of the people in the local community.

In other words, in addition to addressing the spiritual welfare of the local people, the community mosque needs to address the non-spiritual technical educational needs of the local people to enable prosperity.

The arrival of the modern state means the original micro-level of technical education (formerly done by local craftsmen and tradesmen) has been bypassed by large state schools which tend to be outside the local area.
Frank John Snelling
Community mosque architecture
Dear Samar,

When you say "community mosque somehow did lose its identity in the modern era", I think you must be referring to the fact that services provided by the mosque, such as education, health, poverty alleviation, etc. are now taken on by the municipalities and national state. The community mosque still survives, I think, in those poorer communities where the municipality or state have not set foot in to formalize and legalize the community.

Another place where the community mosque is strong is in immigrant Muslim communities in 'Western' countries. It serves, in that case, to ascertain the sense of belonging back home, although sometimes these mosques have mixed ethnic and racial communities from many places around the world.
Ozgur Basak Alkan
Community mosque architecture
Ozgur, your words are cogent and coherent and wonderful. :)))
Frank John Snelling
Community mosque architecture
Dear Samar,

If I may add a few words to what Ozgur has mentioned, community mosque can also be generally strong in areas where Muslim communities comprise of a minority group, though not necessarily immigrant communities. I belong to a minority group in a relatively modern country or perhaps post-modern and many of our mosques here can be classified within the category of "community mosques". What I mean to say is that the mosques not only provide community services but are also equipped with infrastructure and spaces conducive for community activities, which may include seminar rooms, auditorium, libraries, counseling rooms or perhaps kindergartens. Like what was mentioned by Frank, indeed it will be possible to recreate the concept of 'community mosque' if it exclusively addresses the needs of the people in the local community.
Nor Ainah Ali
Community mosque architecture
Dear Samar, I am also conducting a research on 'community mosque'. The reason is because we are losing those mosques. And I find that the number of mosques which can be termed as 'community mosques' is so minimal. Perhaps it is not too late for us to share the findings. Thanks
Amira Mohyuddin


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