Islamic Architecture
Islamic influence in Europe, Middle Ages
I am seeking information about the influence of Islamic architecture in Europe in the Middle Ages, especially its links to Spain.

Associated interest: Influence of Muslim education on early European universities, in particular, the University of Paris.

All leads are welcome and appreciated.
Renee Flower
Islamic influence in Europe, Middle Ages

From what I can recall reading, Cairo, in Egypt, had the first university in the world. Given that this model is Islamic in origin, then I would imagine that this university first began as a madrasa before developing further.

About the same time, there was a parallel development in education in Christian Europe, but formal education was the preserve of the monasteries.

Spain was probably the main channel for information and scholarly debate from the Moslem world into Christian Europe, and so this early university model was probably absorbed by Christian Europe because smaller versions of this model (in the form of colleges attached to monasteries) were already operating.

I do not think the university model came from the ancient world, because learning was mainly left to "schools of thought" which were much smaller. Scale has a bearing upon the creation of universities, because the earlier you go back in time, the fewer people were involved, and therefore places of learning would be physically smaller as well.
Frank John Snelling


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