Islamic Architecture
Manuals on Islamic Architecture
Dear friends,

Could anyone please help me with some information about (Sufi) manuals on Islamic architecture? I will highly appreciate any titles or texts that contain guidelines for designing mosques and madrasas from the 13th century onwards. I have already the book The Sense of Unity. The Sufi tradition in Persian Architecture by Nader Ardalan and Laleh Bakhtiar. Thank you very much in advance for your help.

With kind regards,
Elena Paskaleva
Manuals on Islamic Architecture
I know the "The Sense of Unity" is a very interesting book. I have a number of other books on Islamic architecture, but apart from "Arabic-Islamic Cities" they focus on the buildings themselves rather than the cultural, conceptual or spiritual underpinnings.

Given that "Arabic-Islamic Cities" illuminates the way that Islamic Law was used to arbitrate in disputes in urban areas and eventually became a codified body of knowledge which was similar to todays' urban planning laws.

Therefore, I see no reason to doubt that similar codes were developed for the design of mosque and madrasa. :)
Frank John Snelling


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