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Nomadizing in Jordan
Does anyone know about this subject, esp. in Madaba region? Jordan has traces of settlements across its land, however many was left vacant and buried under soil while modern villages of today are often found standing next to the old site, e.g. Tell Dibon and Dhiban. Why is the pattern of move from the old site to the new? What causes the move?
Bianca Goh
Nomadizing in Jordan
There are a variety of reasons why people settle an area and then over time the settlement moves about:-

(a) Streams and rivers change course and wander, so the villages move also.(b) Or, take too much water from a river, the flow dries up and people go.

(c) Climate change affects how people live and how many people can live. Mini-Ice-ages caused by volcanic eruptions and change the weather and seasons.

(c)Goats in marginally fertile areas have a negative impact by stripping and killing trees, bushes and plants, which eventually destroys the fertility of the soil causing "desertification".

(d)Wars, plagues, floods, fires, earth-quake, famines and other disasters can depopulate an area for a time.

(e) Continual "Absentee landlordism" means the wealth created by agriculture is taken away and so the people starve.

(f) Poor farming technique (over-intensive cropping) can easily exhaust the soil in an area, forcing people to move away until the soil recovers by remaining fallow for some years.
Frank John Snelling


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