Islamic Architecture
Glass Minarets?
Our firm has recently completed the Surrey Mosque and Muslim School in Canada. The Mosque features a glass minaret.

We are interested in finding out if there are other Mosques with glass minarets around the world. Through our research we have not located any to date.

Can anyone in the ArchNet community help?

Sharif Senbel
Glass Minarets?
Sharif, Here in Turkey, there a quite a few minarets where the top two or three metres is a central column enclosed in "a glass lantern" (similar in effect to a lighthouse) with flourescent green tubes set vertically around the column.

A totally glass minaret would probably need toughened structural glass either set in place with silicon or hung on a strucural steel framework. One reason for not using glass is that "wind scour" would opaque the glass, but then even opaque glass can be aesthetic.
Frank John Snelling
Glass Minarets?
Dear John,

I'm intrigued by your response, since as an architect/planner observant of architecture old and new, I have not seen any such minarets in Turkey, unless they popped up since my last visit. [I have seen flourescent lights hung around the balconies of minarets, but never a 'glass lantern', and I have seen glass/hard plastic conical caps for minarets].

Perhaps I'm misunderstanding what you're trying to describe. Do you have any images?
Ozgur Basak Alkan


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