Islamic Architecture
Ottoman influence on Italian Renaissance
I am beginning research for a thesis regarding Ottoman infuence on Italian Renaissance architecture and was wondering if anyone had any useful links, opinions, suggestions or publications to refer me to.

Thank you,
Lindsey Hammitt
Ottoman influence on Italian Renaissance
Hello Lindsey,

I cannot give you specifics but I know that at one time Sicily was ruled by Muslims and it was a major Islamic city. Comparable to Baghdad, Cordoba and Jerusalem.

Here is a useful link:

Also search in the art and architecture section at and of course look at Archnet's digital library.

Abdul Basit Mukri
Ottoman influence on Italian Renaissance

Professor Gulru Necipoglu at Harvard University was interested in this topic a while ago and was working with Howard Burn, a Palladio expert, to see if there were any links between what was happening in Italy and Turkey. One of Gulru's PhD students was researching the same topic.
Shiraz Allibhai
Ottoman influence on Italian Renaissance
Ozgur Basak Alkan
Ottoman influence on Italian Renaissance
Dear Hammitt,

I'm doing an MA thesis related research on Italian Renaissance influence on Contemporary American Art and Contemporary Appropriations, and Ottoman influence on Italian Renaissance is another interesting topic, which takes a significant part in my research for I'm a Turkish painter from Istanbul living in the USA.

I have obtained a book by Hayes, John Richard, "The Genius of Arab Civilization-Source of Renaissance", MIT Press, USA, 1983. I believe you will find it fascinating even though Ottoman is different then Arab. However, both cultures correlate with each other due to the long lasting logistic aand political relationships through out the history.

Well, good luck and I look forward to read your final copy!

Nilsen Turan-Kennedy


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