Islamic Architecture
Decoration of Abbasid fountains, baths and wells
Who has researched ornamental motifs of fountains and baths from the Abbasid Dynasty? Is there an underlying "Islamic" characteristic to the construction of mosque fountains?
Anthony Stewart
Decoration of Abbasid fountains, baths and wells
Water is used in many different ways in Moorish Architecture...

I believe the four cardinal rivers of Paradise are sometimes used with Islamic designed fountains. I saw one such in a small pavilion in the garden of the Alcazar in Seville in Spain...

I visited both the Alhambra and the Generalife in Granada and the Alcazars in both Cordoba and Seville, as well as noting a decending series of long pools alongside a wall in Cordoba. There is aesthetic pleasure for a human in seeing multiple water flows, but this is not specific to Islam. Spiritual use of water comes from the cleansing nature of water. :)
Frank John Snelling


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