Islamic Architecture
Basil Al-Bayati and aesthetic architecture
Dear ArchNet people,

I wish to contact and correspond with Basil Al-Bayati, as I am interested in 'aesthetic architecture'; which can be vernacular, traditional or modern...

...I have written a trilogy upon "the infinite systems of logic, culture and aesthetics" because both aesthetics and logic are integral and simply different aspects (facets) of the whole, and not totally different systems of thought.

Frank John Snelling, MENSA IQ 156
Frank John Snelling
Basil Al-Bayati and aesthetic architecture
Does anyone know where I can contact Basil Al-Bayati? I know he lived and practiced in London for some years, but my letters were unanswered; last year I found he had been in the architect of a mosque built in Edinburgh, Scotland.
Frank John Snelling


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