Islamic Architecture
Mashad, Masjid-i Shah or Haftado Dotan Mosque
I am currently researching the Masjid-i Shah of Mashad. It was built in 1451 and according to historical references it is located approximately half a kilometer south-east of the Imam Riza Shrine. Its structure is composed of a central domed chamber surrounded by an ambulatory space on all sides. The main exterior elevation is composed of a central iwan flanked on each side by two smaller niches and a minaret.

I have found many historical references but have not found any contemporary references which mention the Masjid-i Shah. A website listed a Haftado Dotan Mosque in Mashad as the "Ex-Shah" mosque, while an Iran encyclopedia listed the Masjid-i Shah as having disappeared.

If anyone has any information regarding the Masjid-I Shah, if it exits at all, or under another name, or if you can suggest any sources where I may be able to find relevant information, I would really appreciate it.

Thank you in advance,
Marta Morais
Mashad, Masjid-i Shah or Haftado Dotan Mosque
Two photos from 1933 of the Masjid-i Shah can be found at:
Marta Morais


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